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Product Details:
Product Length: 6.0 inches
Product Width: 6.0 inches
Product Height: 6.0 inches
Product Weight: 6.0 pounds
Package Length: 16.3 inches
Package Width: 12.3 inches
Package Height: 6.7 inches
Package Weight: 14.6 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 4 reviews
Label Information:
Ingredients: red and infrared light spectrum
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.5 ( 4 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

1waste of moneyAug 11, 2012
By I Like Good Products "I Like Good Products"
This does not live up to any of the hype for skin rejuvenation. Used 2 months, 17 minutes twice a day with face touching lights. Very inconvenient to use. No changes whatsoever. Don't fall for "started seeing results after 3 weeks"...there are none...& it's too late for refund. Be wary of the miraculous raves of changes, as there are none.
Can't comment on effectiveness for pain, as I have no pain. Since the cosmetic benefit claims are so far off, I'd take the pain remedy ones with a grain of salt. Way too much $ for a big piece of non-effective clutter in your home.
"The Doctors" have given some good medical advice in the past, but also spotlights too many devices, therapies, & supplements that do not live up to manufacturers claims. Many are just hype with very minimal effectiveness. Be smart; don't swallow everything.

3 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Dpl Dpl-ws Deep Penetrating Light Therapy (dpl), WhiteDec 19, 2012
By clea
I love this product, mostly for muscle pain and lymphatic drainage. It works very well!! I am not sure it stimulates my face collagen every time I use it, though. Besides it is hot and uncomfortable to have these panels against you face!! I get a bit claustrophobic. Maybe a hand wand would be better for skin beautification purposes!

1are you kidding?Jun 24, 2014
By HB12
I bought the complete joke contraption in May of 2013 and thought it my duty to review it. I have pain due to my Multiple sclerosis and bought this in desperation as I do many things trying to get some or any relief. With continual use in hopes this could possibly help me, this device failed me. As for cosmetic use I tried it, nothing positive came of that either. Company...do not ask for before and after pictures, my word to others should be good enough. Did my research and infarared lights can help with a lot of situations but also warned there is a lot of scams out there. Don't care if this one says was FDA approved, it's junk and a complete waste of my money. I'm on limited income and could have utilized this $300 elsewhere. Doubt company would let me return this over a year later. Save your $300 or at least get an infrared device that may cost more but is official.

4Infra Red LampOct 30, 2013
By Billywizz
when this item was assembled, it was very simple to use. and is a very good effective,and well made product,

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